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Hi! I am Antoon Blokland, water activist by profession, and I love to gravel. The year 2022 I am a cycling water reporter. I grab my bike and gravel along water projects in Africa, Asia and Europa. I will report my gravel for water here.

Over 15 years I worked in conference rooms in cities like Nairobi, Jakarta, Brussels, Washington and The Hague. I lobbied, campaigned and convinced politicians, investors and water experts to do more to have healthy water for all. I enjoyed every day of it, and contributed to many water projects in Africa and Asia. But still over 2 billion people in the world lack access to healthy drinking water.

In 2022 I  grab my bike and gravel along the water projects as the water cycling reporter. My bike is a door to the world of water, and meet new people and hear their ideas, see their challenges and experience new opportunities.  

My gravel in 2022

The first day of March 2022 I will start my gravel for water in Lusaka, Zambia. If I pass by on my route through Africa and Indonesia, send me a message. And grab your bike and gravel for water with me. Welcome!